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Aquaria Price Match Guarantee

We are currently offering a price match guarantee on eligible atmospheric water generator systems.


Aquaria will review each proposal on a price per liter produced basis (At 30C and 80%RH). Your proposal may be eligible for price matching if it meets the following requirements.

Similar System

The proposal must offer a system that is of comparable size to the Aquaria AWG system you ordered, have similar features such as multi-stage water purification for EPA/WHO level potable water, IOT system monitoring, and have a minimum 3-year warranty.

Recent Quote

The competitive quote must be dated within 14 days of order and represent the same financing option to be considered (e.g. cash to cash, or loan to loan). It cannot include any discounts.

Matching Owner Details

The quote must contain the same name and address used to order Aquaria’s AWGs.

Price Match Guarantee Process

  1. Place an order with an Aquaria advisor to begin the fulfillment process.
  2. Send the competitive offer to Aquaria by contacting us via the Contact us Page on the website.
  3. We will compare your pricing and inform you of eligibility. This must be finalized prior to accepting any Payment Details.

*Aquaria reserves the right to reject any price match requests that we believe have been submitted in bad faith. By submitting a competitive quote, you agree that Aquaria may contact the competitor provider who issued the quote to validate its terms and in doing so may have to disclose your name and/or installation address. Aquaria may choose to end this program at any time and without further notice. Price match offers cannot be assigned to other customers and cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions.