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Safe, Clean Water from Air

Patented Energy Efficient Technology

The Future of America's Water Security

System Performance Monitoring

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Our atmospheric water generators deliver water where you need it, when you need it.

Machines that pull water out of the air

Filters, cleans, and purifies

Creates safe and clean water

Our atmospheric water generators produce 24 - 2,600 gallons of clean water out of air per day

Absolutely zero plastic and waste water

Water in the atmosphere is replenished naturally every 9 days

Safeguard your access to clean water against disruptions, drought, and the effects of climate change.

Backup Water

Aquaria's atmospheric water generators were scientifically designed as a powerful response to climate change, contamination, and disruption events. Our patented technology makes it easy to have a reliable water backup — using the air around us — for home, community, or office use.

Clean Drinking Water

Aquaria's atmospheric water generators produce high-quality water that exceeds EPA and WHO standards. Simply drop them in to start making water from air immediately.

Holistic Off-Grid

Off-grid living offers independence — but accessing water can be a major challenge. Aquaria's atmospheric water generators blends well into any environment by integrating with any energy to provide an off grid water from air solution.

Simple Installation

Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators require just an electrical connection to a residential or commercial electrical panel that can provide the required power to start making water from air right away.

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Climate Risk Is Water Risk

Water is our Earth’s most precious resource. Aquaria atmospheric water generators safeguards against the water impacts of climate change, including:

  • Temperature rise leading to more frequent and severe droughts
  • Rising sea levels causes intrusion into our freshwater resources
  • Warmer water promoting microorganism growth and contamination
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We Are Committed to Clean Water Access for All

We believe everyone deserves clean, affordable water.

  • We build resilient communities through uninterrupted backup access to water.
  • We minimize the carbon footprint of water production.
  • We mitigate pollution through reduced transportation and plastic usage of packaged water.
  • We deliver affordable clean water for under-served communities.