The future of water,
now from the air

Premium water for any use case

Protection against drought and contamination

Scalable to meet any water need, anywhere

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Our atmospheric water generators produce water where you need it, when you need it.

Extracts water from the air

Filters, cleans, and purifies

Delivers safe and clean water

Aquaria is revolutionizing how we access water with atmospheric water generation.

Aquaria Hydropack home installation

Water security

Climate change, contamination, and disruption events threaten secure and stable water supply worldwide. Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators are a powerful solution to these water security challenges. Our patented Hydropack technology makes it easy to have a reliable source of water for your home, community, or business.

Utility-scale water

Aquaria’s linkable technology can build water solutions for any scale (10,000 GAL/day or more). Similar to how renewable energy revolutionized the energy sector, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generation technology is changing how entire communities get water with the Hydrogrid, our vision for a utility-scale water system that produces water from the air around us.

Sustainable future

Aquaria's atmospheric water generators are compatible with any renewable energy source to provide a net-zero, clean source of water. We are reimagining how communities and businesses secure access to water, putting the United States on a path to sustainable and climate resilient future.

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Aquaria Hydropack for sustainable water solutions

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