We make secure access to water easy

Adapting to change, creating solutions, and protecting the water supply for our people and communities.

As a for-benefit corporation, we are dedicated to measuring and improving our reach and impact on our customers. Our ambitious goal is to help one million people access water.

Aquaria is shipping to customers in 30+ countries globally

Our products are already helping 15,000+ people with water

Our Values


We encourage taking action to secure a reliable and safe future.

Customers First

Ensuring we fulfill the water needs of our customers.

Social Responsibility

Aquaria puts the power of water back in the hands of the community.

Unlocking Secure Access to Clean Water

We are transforming the future by harvesting the renewable water in the air.


Serving a million people in the next decade


Removing 7B+ bottles of plastic in the process

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Become part of the solution today as we build a more resilient and sustainable future in water.

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