How It Works

Aquaria’s patented water generation technology effectively harvests the humidity in the atmosphere.


Atmospheric source

Free flowing air is drawn in from the outside environment.


Air purification

Multi-layer air filters remove dust and dirt particles, purifying the air entering the system.


Water condensation

Aquaria’s ambient heat exchange technology condenses the humidity in the air into liquid water.


Water purification

Multi-layer water filtration and purification into either general use or potable water.


Clean water

Room temperature or cold clean water.

All the water that you will need

Each generator can create up to 260 gallons of water per day. The average U.S. household uses ~250 gallons a day.

Clean and safe water

Tested at certified third-party facilities to ensure high-quality premium water.*

Protecting the future of our communities

Clean water access is the largest risk of climate change. We are protecting our family and community with a safe and reliable water option.

Reliably made from the air that is always around us

Atmospheric water is almost always available. No matter what happens to our ground source of water, there is also water from the air.

*Aquaria's water quality is tested by certified third-party labs; however, it is important to note that while water quality standard testing is achieved at the location of the certified testing facility, actual results may vary depending on the content and air quality at the customer's location.

Simple Installation

The Aquaria AWGs require just an electrical connection to a residential or commercial electrical panel that can provide the required power to start making water right away!

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