Clean Water for Underserved Communities & Disaster Relief

Working with impact organizations to solve the greatest inequities in water.

The communities most affected by water disasters also have the least resources to respond and recover.

This results in a vicious cycle of poverty and vulnerability, where communities struggle to rebuild and are left even more susceptible to future emergencies.


United Nations estimated percentage of disasters that are water related


People globally lack access to clean drinking water, with many living in underserved communities

Providing Relief

Up to 260 gallons per day
  • Multi-Location Deployment

    After a disaster has struck, having multiple service points is essential for providing relief. Aquaria's AWGs can be quickly deployed directly.

  • Immediate Relief

    AWGs create water immediately without needing to wait for the after effects of disasters to recede.

  • Modular Design

    Energy and water infrastructure are challenging. With AWGs, you can limit power consumption to one machine at a time, serving hundreds with each generator!

Benefitting Those in Need

The Aquaria Frontier Access Program is our in-house social program to provide subsidized AWGs to communities in need. As a Public Benefit Corporation, we actively seek to become part of the solution.

Partners we look for:

  • Water-related NGOs, charitable groups
  • Community project developers
  • Social & sustainable development groups
  • Communities and projects to deploy

FAQs for Impact & Relief

Who is eligible for the Frontier Access Program?

Any community can apply to the frontier access program! We review applications on a rolling basis matching the right partners in our network.

What are the requirements for the Frontier Access Program?

For each application we review, we assess the impact we (Aquaria) can have as an organization on the community and whether we’re specifically suited to help in the situation. We also assess if we have the right partners in the network to be able to work together on implementation.

How Are You Building Resilience for Climate Change?

Frontline Communities

Are you part of an at-risk, underserved, or frontline community? Please reach out to us to learn more about our Frontier Access Program and how we can help your community access clean water.

Impact Organizations

We are actively seeking partnerships with organizations that share our mission of providing access to clean water. Please reach out to learn more about becoming a partner of our Frontier Access Program.

Disaster Resilience

$6 in future disaster related costs could be saved for every $1 invested in disaster mitigation. Please reach out to learn more about how Aquaria can become part of your solution.