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How can I access the water created by Aquaria’s Hydropack and Hydropack X?

Aquaria’s Hydropack and Hydropack X are whole-home, holistic backup water sources. The water produced is stored in an external storage tank, then pressurized and sent to the entire property. A simple flip of a switch enables you to supply your whole home or business with water created by Aquaria’s AWGs.

How much water does Aquaria’s AWG generate in a day?

Aquaria’s AWGs come in units ranging from 26 gallons to 260+ gallons of water per day. During your consultation with an Aquaria advisor, we’ll help you determine the right size system for you.

Is water from Aquaria’s AWG safe? Does Aquaria purify and filter the water it produces?

In terms of water quality, all of Aquaria’s systems can be customized to fit the needs of the individual customer. With the use of air filter elements, a basic Aquaria system produces water safe for general use. For drinking purposes, Aquaria goes through a series of air and water filtration processes that eliminates particles of up to 2.5 microns. The air filters remove all the dirt and suspended particles in the air before it is even made into water. The quality of the water produced exceeds U.S. EPA and WHO drinking water standards.

Does AWG work at all humidity levels?

Aquaria has deployed to many communities around the world with a wide range of climates. Aquaria starts the water production process from a minimum temperature of 59°F and 40% humidity. The higher the humidity and warmer the weather, the higher the quantity of water produced per day.

How is AWG different from a dehumidifier?

While similar in concept, AWG focuses on producing as much water as possible per unit of energy. While dehumidifiers can also produce water as a byproduct, it is extremely energy intensive to create water as the main product. Using Aquaria’s patented AWG technology, we can create up to 5L of water per kWh of energy.

Does Aquaria come with water storage?

Please check the product specifications individually for more details on storage. All Aquaria AWG machines are available with optional add-ons as well as customizable options for external storage, or we can discuss connecting it to existing storage tanks on your premise.