Clean Water from Air on Demand

Aquaria's atmospheric water generators provide a sustainable and cost-effective water from air solution in almost any location for your commercial needs.

Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators make water from air onsite, eliminating the need for infrastructure and offering a decentralized solution that is immediately available in multiple locations.

365,000 L

Water one Hydropack X can produce in a year

~6 Billion

Gallons of drinking water lost in the US water systems daily from failing infrastructure*

*According to 2022 McKinsey & Company assessment of water infrastructure

  • Construction sites
  • Remote communities
  • Outdoor event venues
  • Remote industry
  • Sustainable tourism
  • Remote infrastructure
  • Schools
  • Eco-friendly hospitality
  • Mining and oil

Why Aquaria for Your Water Needs

Up to 264 gallons per day
  • Cost Effective

    Deploy atmospheric water generators customized to the amount of water needed without costly infrastructure projects.

  • Sustainable Water

    Water from air produced onsite reduces carbon emissions by eliminating plastic bottles and water transport.

  • Accessible

    Aquaria's atmospheric water generators allows access to clean water regardless of your nearest source of water.

Clean water harvesting solutions for all needs

FAQs for Commercial Customers

How many atmospheric water generators do I need for my community?

The average person needs about 2-3 liters of water a day (8-12 cups). Please contact us to estimate the number of atmospheric water generators needed based on the number of people being served.

Does the atmospheric water generators work in any location?

Atmospheric water generators use ambient humidity to create water from the air. The more humidity there is, the faster and more water is created. If the humidity is close to 0%, the atmospheric water generators will not be able to produce water effectively. Generally, our atmospheric water generators’ moisture harvesting process operates well in conditions above 25% relative humidity.

Can the atmospheric water generators be powered by renewables such as solar?

Our atmospheric water generators operate using AC electrical power like other normal household appliances. The atmospheric water generators would need an inverter to be able to connect with a solar system and battery bank that produces DC electrical power. Please speak to our product advisors about your needs, and we may be able to offer an integrated solar water generator solution!

Is Your Water Safe, Accessible, and Sustainable?

Groundwater Security

Aquaria's moisture harvesting technology delivers the highest quality water without tapping into local groundwater, protecting against the unknown risk of water contamination.

Drought & Climate Change

Increasing drought and extreme weather events present massive challenges to your community and business water needs. Aquaria's atmospheric water generators ensures water is readily accessible in the face of the effects of climate change.

Renewable & Sustainable

Water harvested from the air is naturally replenished. Aquaria is a high-quality partner for any organization reducing the carbon footprint of drinking water.