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Best Air to Water Dispensers for Hospitals 2024

June 3, 2024 | 3 minute read

Aquaria Hydropixel

According to a recent report by Grandview Research, the global atmospheric water generator market is projected to reach $4.8 billion by 2028, driven by increasing demand for sustainable and cost-effective water solutions. These devices, particularly smaller indoor atmospheric water generators, have become attractive for hospitals seeking a reliable and clean water source.

Designed for use in public spaces, they prioritize capacity, quiet operation, and low maintenance, eliminating the need for constant water deliveries. With concerns over tap water quality and potential contaminants in bottled water, these generators offer a safer and more cost-effective alternative, providing a consistent clean water supply while saving customers money.

Top Pick: Aquaria Hydropixel

The Aquaria Hydropixel stands out as the best value among air-to-water dispensers for hospitals, boasting a daily water production capacity of 90 liters (24 gallons) for $2,999. 

This remarkable value proposition is approximately 5x better than the runner-up product, making it an ideal choice for hospitals and healthcare facilities of all sizes. Each Hydropixel machine can serve hundreds of people throughout the day, including staff, patients, and their families. Additionally, the Hydropixel runs quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment in hospital settings. Exceeding the highest standards for water quality set by the EPA and WHO, this atmospheric water generator provides hospitals with a reliable source of clean water.

Aquaria Hydropixel
Aquaria Hydropixel for hospital lobbies

Runner Up – Watergen Genny

The Watergen Genny, despite its advanced technology and user-friendly mobile app, is less appealing for hospitals due to its high $4,899 MSRP and relatively low daily water production of 30 liters (8 gallons), making it a less attractive option compared to the top pick.

Other atmospheric water generators

Genaq Stratus S200

The Genaq Stratus S200 is a fantastic machine with an impressive daily water production capacity of 200 liters (52 gallons). However, an article from November 2022 reported its anticipated price point at 14,500 Euros (over $15,500), making this option extremely expensive. On a per liter/gallon of water production basis, the Stratus S200 costs almost 2.3 times more than the Aquaria Hydropixel, rendering it a pricier alternative.

KaraWater Kara Pure

The KaraWater Kara Pure boasts a beautiful, sleek design and dispenses high pH, alkaline water (>9.2), which may appeal to customers who prefer higher pH water. Additionally, it operates slightly quieter and with slightly lower electricity usage than other products on this list due to its desiccant adsorption technology instead of air cooling. However, the expensive nature of the desiccant materials used in this machine results in a very high price tag of $4,899 for a low daily water production of only 10 liters (2.6 gallons). While suitable for small waiting rooms, this capacity may not be sufficient for larger hospital spaces like building/department lobbies or cafeterias.

H2O Machine

The H2O Machine comes with an MSRP of $5,495.95 for a daily water production of 50 liters (13 gallons). Some may find the design clunky and low-tech, which could be a deterrent for hospitals seeking a more modern aesthetic.

As outlined above, the Aquaria Hydropixel emerges as the best air to water dispenser for hospitals in 2024. With its unbeatable value proposition, offering 90 liters (24 gallons) of daily water production for $2,999, the Hydropixel outshines its competitors in terms of capacity, cost-effectiveness, and adherence to stringent water quality standards. Its quiet operation and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for hospitals seeking a reliable and sustainable water source without disrupting patient care or incurring high costs associated with traditional water coolers and jug deliveries.

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