Algae Prevention & Control Tips for AWG Systems

May 20, 2022 | 2 minute read

When you’re using an atmospheric water generator to gather water from the air, it’s important to take measures to prevent and control algae growth in your water storage tanks. Algae can cause problems with the taste and quality of your water, and can also clog filters and other parts of your system.

Sometimes, algae blooms in local water sources can also cause problems for atmospheric water generators. If you suspect that algae is present in your water supply, you can take the following steps to prevent and control its growth:

  • Use a water filtration system – A good filtration system can remove algae from your water before it has a chance to grow and multiply.
  • Install an ultraviolet (UV) light – UV light is effective at killing algae and can help to prevent it from growing in your system.
  • Keep your system clean – Regular cleaning of all parts of your atmospheric water generator will help to prevent the growth of algae.
  • Monitor oxygen levels in your water – Algae need dissolved oxygen to grow, so keeping oxygen levels low can help to prevent algae blooms.
  • Add chemicals to your water – Adding chemicals such as chlorine or alum to your water can help to kill algae and prevent it from growing.

Does High pH Promote Algae Growth?

Most types of algae thrive in high pH conditions, so keeping your water’s pH level low can help to prevent algae growth. A high pH can also reduce the efficacy of chlorine, making it less effective at killing algae.

However, some types of algae can actually grow in low pH conditions, so it’s important to monitor your water quality and take steps to control algae growth regardless of pH levels.

How Do You Clean Algae Out of a Water Storage Tank?

Here are some tips for preventing and controlling algae growth in your water storage tanks:

  • Clean your tank regularly – Regular cleaning will help to remove any algae that is already present, and will also make it harder for new algae to take hold.
  • Keep the tank covered – A cover will prevent sunlight from reaching the water, which algae need for growth.
  • Control the temperature – Algae thrive in warm water, so keeping the temperature of your tank low will help to prevent growth.
  • Use an algaecide – If you do find that algae is starting to grow in your tank, using an algaecide can help to kill it off.
  • Make sure your system is well-maintained – Properly maintained equipment is less likely to develop algae growth.

Final Thoughts

Taking steps to prevent and control algae growth in your atmospheric water generator is important for the quality of your water. Be sure to monitor your system closely and take action if you see any signs of algae growth. Following these tips will help you keep your system running smoothly.

With an Aquaria AWG, you can be sure you’re getting quality, safe water. Aquaria offers a wide range of products to suit your needs, and our team is always available to answer any questions you may have. Contact us today to learn more about our atmospheric water generators.