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Making Water from Air: Are Atmospheric Water Generators Practical?

April 23, 2024 | 5 minute read

Aquaria atmospheric water generators

Extracting water from the atmosphere, once sci-fi, is now a feasible and advancing technology. Many are unaware of atmospheric water generation’s effectiveness for residential and commercial use cases. This innovative technology allows us to produce clean drinking water directly from the air around us. 

In this article, we will address common questions about atmospheric water generators and explore their practicality. Let’s dive in!

Is There Enough Water in the Air?

You might be surprised to learn just how much water is floating around in the air! At any given time, the atmosphere contains an incredible 13 trillion tons of water vapor. That’s enough to fill over 5 billion Olympic-sized swimming pools!

This vast supply of water in the air is constantly being renewed through nature’s water cycle. As water evaporates from oceans, lakes, and the soil, it rises into the atmosphere. When conditions align, atmospheric moisture condenses into clouds, returning as rain or snow, replenishing water sources. This process keeps repeating, refreshing the total amount of water in the air every 8-10 days.

So while the amount seems unimaginably huge, atmospheric water generators such as those developed by Aquaria, can tap into this renewable resource sustainably. These advanced machines can produce hundreds of gallons of water each day by extracting moisture directly from the air. This process shows that there is more than enough water vapor in the atmosphere to meet human needs, and it can be accessed using the current technology. 

Even if every single person on Earth used one to meet all their drinking water needs, it would still be just a tiny fraction of the total water floating around us at any moment. The air holds more than enough water for atmospheric generators to provide a reliable water source for households and communities globally.

What about the Environmental Impact?

Atmospheric water generators are often questioned regarding their environmental impact. Important to note that producing water from the air using atmospheric water generators is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to access fresh drinking water. These systems simply collect moisture that is already naturally present in the air around us – they do not require diverting water from rivers, lakes or underground sources.

Furthermore, atmospheric water generators like Aquaria do not significantly change the local weather or climate, which is a common concern with many industrial processes. Since they only use the water vapor present in the air and return it back to the environment through normal use (like drinking and other daily activities), they maintain a balanced local climate. This makes atmospheric water generators a safe choice for sustainable water production for both home and commercial use cases, making them a practical solution to water scarcity without harming our planet. Learn how atmospheric water generators work.

How Much Does Water from Air Cost?

The cost of producing water from an atmospheric water generator like Aquaria is extremely affordable, especially when you consider the essentially limitless supply of raw material – the air around us is free! The key factors that determine the cost are the local environment’s humidity levels and temperature as well as the price of electricity to run the machine.

Think of it like growing vegetables in a greenhouse. The sunlight is free from nature, but you still need to pay for utilities like water and electricity to power the greenhouse systems. On a hot, humid summer day when the air is richer with water vapor, an atmospheric water generator runs at peak efficiency – just like how vegetables thrive in the warm, moist atmosphere of a greenhouse. And if you use renewable energy like solar power, it’s like having free unlimited sunshine to cultivate those vegetables.

Under ideal conditions of high humidity, warm temperatures, and low-cost renewable electricity, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators can produce fresh water for as little as half a cent per gallon! That’s less than you’d pay for a single-use bottle of water from the grocery store. And unlike bottled water which has environmental impacts from plastic waste, every gallon from Aquaria’s atmospheric water generator is sustainable and eco-friendly.

This incredibly low-cost production makes atmospheric water generators like Aquaria, a very economical option compared to traditional water supply methods. Not only does this technology provide a sustainable way to produce water, but it can also lead to significant savings for business/commercial settings, particularly in areas where water is usually expensive or hard to come by. 

Can Atmospheric Water Generators Operate on Renewable Energy? 

Atmospheric water generators not only innovatively harvest water but also efficiently operate with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. In particular, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators are designed to work seamlessly with green energy sources right out of the box

How would it look like for your home/property? With the ability to seamlessly connect to your plumbing system or pipe water to an external tank, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generator can dispense water throughout your home, from the tap to your showers.

For businesses that already have solar panels installed, atmospheric water generators can easily integrate into that existing setup. Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators operate using AC electrical power like other normal household appliances. Our atmospheric water generator is connected via an inverter to your solar system and battery bank. Businesses can deploy Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators customized to the amount of water needed without costly infrastructure projects.

Integrating renewable power sources like solar or wind significantly drops the operational costs of an atmospheric water generator compared to using utility electricity alone. The energy from the sun and wind is free, so you are not just covering the upfront equipment costs which can pay for themselves through big long-term savings. 

Atmospheric water generators powered by renewables contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable future. These systems appeal to eco-conscious consumers and forward-thinking businesses eager to invest in environmentally responsible technologies.

Size, Noise, and Safety Features of Atmospheric Water Generators

Size and Noise Considerations

Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators are designed for function and aesthetics, resemble external air conditioners, seamlessly fitting into residential and commercial settings without being obtrusive. This similarity in size ensures that they can fit conveniently alongside other building utilities, without requiring special accommodations. Moreover, despite their powerful functionality, these machines operate quietly, often producing even less noise than the typical air conditioner. Their low noise output ensures they won’t disrupt daily activities with excessive sound, whether installed near homes or in busy areas.

Safety Features

Safety is a cornerstone of Aquaria’s design philosophy. Our atmospheric water generators boast an IPX3 rating, which means they protect against spraying water, such as rain falling at an angle. This protection helps prevent water from entering the unit in a way that could cause damage or electrical shorts, making these generators safe to use even in varying weather conditions. Additionally, we construct these generators with the highest quality certified parts to extend their operational life and enhance their overall reliability and safety in various environmental conditions.

Built-in Safeguards 

In regards to the safety profile, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators come with multiple built-in hardware and software safety features. These safeguards are designed to automatically shut down the system in the event of any power supply issues or other operational anomalies. Such preemptive measures prevent potential accidents or failures, ensuring continuous safe operation. This comprehensive safety mechanism ensures trust and reliability, making Aquaria’s atmospheric water generator a prudent choice for a dependable and safe water source.

These aspects of Aquaria’s atmospheric water generators highlight our commitment to providing safe, efficient, and nonintrusive solutions for water generation, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications.

As we have explored, atmospheric water generator such as Aquaria is a practical solution for sustainable drinking water access. Not only is there an effectively unlimited supply of water vapor in the air to draw from, but doing so has a negligible impact on the environment. The low costs of operation, especially when paired with renewable energy like solar, make water-from-air surprisingly affordable. And with their compact size, quiet performance, and multiple built-in safety features, Aquaria’s atmospheric water generator units seamlessly integrate into residential or commercial settings. 

This innovative technology truly provides a game-changing way to unlock one of the world’s most underutilized yet abundant freshwater resources right from the air around us. Interested to learn more? Subscribe to our newsletter today!