Supplying Water to Your Entire Home

Aquaria's atmospheric water generators (AWGs) are designed to provide an independent source or backup solution for your entire property, no matter the size or type of your home.

Water contamination, severe drought, and water restrictions are disproportionately impacting home owners.

46 Million

Americans with disruptions to clean water

28 Million

Americans served water violating EPA standards

Preparedness When it Matters Most

Up to 264 gallons per day
  • Peace of Mind

    Rest assured, you always have a reliable and secure option for accessing water.

  • Flexible Options

    We offers atmospheric water generators with varying volumes for your specific water needs.

  • Low Maintenance

    Our atmospheric water generators are low maintenance with simple controls, ensuring that you can depend on them without frequent upkeep.

Flexible Installations

With the ability to seamlessly connect to your plumbing system or pipe water to an external tank, our atmospheric water generators can dispense water throughout your home, from the tap to your showers.

  • Seemless connection to external tank
  • Pressurized home plumbing connection
  • Standalone dispensing

FAQs for Homeowners

How does an Aquaria 's atmospheric water generators connect to my home?

Our atmospheric water generators offer flexible installation options and can either stand alone at your home, connect to your storage, or plumbing system. During your consultation with our product advisors, we will discuss your specific use case and assess the layout of your home to ensure that the installation is tailored to your needs and requirements, including the option for an off grid water from air solution.

Where do I install the atmospheric water generation in my home?

To ensure proper water production, our atmospheric water generators require a stable and flat surface, as well as access to open air around the machine. While the backyard of your home is typically the best location, the placement of the atmospheric water generators may vary depending on the layout of your property. Our product advisors will work with you to determine the most suitable location for installation during your consultation to ensure optimal conditions to make water from air.

Do I need to have my own water storage tank?

It is recommended to have a storage tank with our atmospheric water generators. The size and quality of the storage tank will vary, and our team is happy to help you find a solution that best suit your needs.

What type of power requirements do I need?

The requirements for our atmospheric water generators vary based on the machine. Our Hydropixel requires a simple 110 V connection while our Hydropack, Hydrostation, and Hydropack X units can be configured for 200 – 240 V single phase. You can learn more in our products page.

Can Aquaria's atmospheric water generators be powered by renewables like solar?

Yes! Not only is this a good option but it is recommended. Our team can work with you to assess how you may configure a fully off grid water from air system.

Is Your Water Safe During an Emergency?

Water Use Restrictions

Is water available only for parts of the day? Does your city or county impose limits on your water use? Our AWGs can overcome these restrictions for your convenience and make water from air right on your property.

Local Contamination

Are you worried about PFAS, algae blooms, runoff, and other contamination in your local water supply? Aquaria uses multi-layer air and water purification as well as continuous UV disinfection to ensure high-quality, clean water.

Reliable Alternative

We’re fully equipped to complement or be an alternative for anyone dependent on wells, rainwater harvesting, or bulk water delivery, as well as people living off the grid. Aquaria’s large-scale solutions can be a complementary or primary source of water.